We want people who enjoy our wines to come to the place where they originate: to the vineyard and its natural surroundings. The hilltops with their poor soils composed of granite sand, giving the wines depth and mineral notes, together with the natural acidity of the grapes, are the key parameters of Roshnik village . Long, enveloping wines that are subtle and elegant and at the same time lively and fresh, with a surprising capacity for aging considering the variety


Our red wines are a lovely combination of Merlot and Cabernet grape from our vineyards. 70 % Merlot and 30 % Cabernet and the mix make the wine to keep the characteristic of both

Merlot is considered to be more of a crowd than a drink or “easy drinking” because of these characteristics, and in a blend where it is the dominant grape, it’s soft fruit flavors cause the wine to taste great at a much younger age, which is a reason we love it

Cabernet Sauvignon on the other hand is the older and more aggressive sibling. The grape is much more tannic, meaning it will give your mouth that drying sensation, and it’s often said to have a strong “backbone” which is just another way of saying it’s hearty and powerful, capable of standing up to rich dishes such as porterhous

Merlot Kabernet 2017

Dry red whine with fruits aroma . A combination of 30 % Kabernet and 70 % Merlot .

Price 1200 Lek

Merlot Kabernet 2016

Dry red whine with fruits aroma . A combination of 30 % Kabernet and 70 % Merlot .

Price 700 Lek

Reserve Merlot 2005

Price 40 EUR


Madden by Pules Grape

We are proud to tell that the white wine comes from and indigenous grape called Pules that grows up only in our region .Though originally used to make rakia, a traditional fruit brandy popular in Albania, this grape now yields some of the finest dry white wines in the country. With its delicate floral bouquet and long finish, this could be a worthy addition to your wine cellar.


Price 700 Lek


Raki is the most typical albanian drink and you will find it In every home from north to south ,from villages to the biggest cities

As we are very connected with our tradition we produce also Raki at our winery . The Raki producing place is close to the winery and the guest can assist during the raki making

We do the raki with the traditional technique and we can boil about 6000 litters raki at our place

All villagers and peoples of the region come to us to boil their Raki

Muskat Raki  ½ L 600 lek

Muskat is the type of the grape and it gives a strong taste to the raki

Oak Raki – ½ 700 lek

It is madden from grape and maintained in oak for several months and It take the color of the oak barrel

Grape Raki ½ 500 lek

The most common Raki all over the Albanians