The Surroundigs

We  are pretty darn lucky to be surrounded by an amazing range of hills, full of bushland and forest, amazing rock formations and even a  small lake , canyon and river The Roshnik is brimming with amazing walks and hikes, relaxing spots just waiting to be discovered.

What better way to explore all that our beautiful surrounds have to offer (and well and truly get your week’s exercise in too) than to pull up your socks, throw your backpack and take to the Hills for a walk in the bush? Explore the canyon or fishing in the lake .None, we say. So bookmark this list for the next time the group chat gets hit with the inevitable ‘we should spend in the Hills this weekend’.

The area is very important for the agriculture and farming in all Berat is known as the biggest producer of Olives and Wines . Numerous of olive trees and vineyards surround the village in the same time the habitants of village raise ships and goats and you can see them everywhere in the hills


The garden is the favourite spot for many guests

And it’s not surprising, since this magical natural space has beautiful views of Tomorr mountain and the olive hills . The vineyard very close to our garden It is the perfect place to walk, enjoy nature, chat, admire plants and flowers of great beauty and forget about all your worries. The most likely thing is that you will also become a fan, especially in the summer season, when traditional dishes are brought out and guests enjoy this classic delicacy which never disappoints!

Enjoy every minute of your getaway with a red or white wine madden from our winery  Forget about the routine and all your worries, surrounded by stunning nature.

Spanish autumn landscape with Olives plant among hills


Walk along a peaceful path through olive trees located few meters from our farm

These grand trees in Roshnik  Hills have been standing tall for generations. path winds through a grove of grass that looks like green satin, ancient-looking trees twisting, proud of their many years on the planet. Roshnik  Hills hosts plenty of local flora and fauna, but these olive trees always seem to grab attention.. In addition to being disease and fire-resistant, olive trees can live to be very old. They have strong root systems that can repair a tree that’s been nearly destroyed above ground. The older the tree, the more gnarled the trunk becomes, so perhaps these twisting trunks are really badges of strength. Some area olive trees are more than 1,000 years old.


Located 1 km from the Farm – A good place to walk and relax – Fresh up with the waters and fishing

The name of the river comes from the name of a village with the same name where the river is passing through . It’s a small river with crystal waters coming from the Tomorr National park . It’s a good destination to walk and to enjoy the small natural pools formed in the river and try to fresh up during the hot days of summer as there is not very deep . Perfect for families with kids where they can past the mid day or the mornings .



Located 5 km from the farm – Walking ,Hiking ,Local living ,Old houses

Sazhdan village sits about 5 km away from the village of Roshnik . Once upon a time it was home of 300 people and now day only 1 family is living in the village . The route from Roshnik to Sazhdan is not in good condition so the best way to go there is by hiking . The hiking trail from Roshnik to Sazhdan village is amazing and passing through the canyon and the forest . If you want to go there you will follow the canyon and in the end of the canyon walk in the right . There you will find the abandoned village that sits in a scenic position In the hill . The 300 year old houses are still preserve even why the locals are not living there . During the summer some of them are coming back to work their lands or spend just a few days . The atmosphere of the village is nice and you will feel very peaceful surrounded by different fruit trees and old houses . Walking in the houses garden till you will find the last family living there in a nice 2 floor house with a big garden . They save their life with farming and raising ships . You can eat lunch there and sure its good to pay something


Located 2 km from the farm – Canyon exploration and Hiking

For all nature lovers the Canyon of Dukova river  the right place to spend a couple of hours exploring the canyon . The canyon is about 3 km long and its an important  area for the vegetation as it is surrounded on both sides by forest with different type of trees. Big rock fallen from the highest part of the canyon make this attraction even more beautiful . Some small pools created by the rocks can be  a good spot to fresh up and relax in nature . Hearing the sound of the river and nature as it is far from the daily life

The itinerary from Farm to the canyon and coming back will take about 2.5 hours



Located 2 km from the farm . Perfect for Hiking ,walking and Picnic

A breathtaking forest one of the best nature attraction of the village  Home of many endemic trees and forested mostly by the beech and the Oak . The are is an important habitat for the wild life and many types of birds and mammals are around the forest . The most known from the mammals are the wild boar and the rabbits . It is a good place for those who are interested in flora and fauna and also in nature exploration .  


See the 300 year old house of village

The historical house of our village it in a scenic position and offer the view of all village . It was build during 1700 by 2 brothers who where soldiers in the ottoman empire . After their good results in the fights the ottomans ask them for their biggest wish in sign of respect for their support . They ask from the ottomans to go back in their motherland building a house and a farm . They come back at their village and build the most beautiful house of the region with 2 floors and all with carved stones and woods . The house is an authentic ottoman style and its part of the most important monuments of the region



Swim and try fishing or relax during the hot days of Summer

The Reservoir of the village located just a few step from the winery is a great spot to spend couple of hours ,swimming or try fishing . There are many fish in the lake  and its difficult with to catch them with a fishhook but it worth to try the chance . The quality of the fish is good because of the fluid waters coming from a stream .

A boat is in the lake that you can use for a boat trip with the family or friends . On the lake shore there are olive trees where you can relax having a beer or doing a picnic


Located 1 2 km from the Farm – Good Hiking and enjoying the sunset

The term Gradishta is  used as a sign for the ancient ruins ,and here is believed to be the old village

The Hill stands in the western side of village   800 m above the sea level is the perfect place to enjoy the views of all village and the other surroundings of Berat region . The forest is amazing during all season as different type of herbs and bushes grows up in this place . For those who love the views and  sunset or sunrise it is the right place to be . The hiking trip to the hill could be 1 to 3 hours



Walk in the vineyard and see the indigenous grapes

As the vineyard is located in front of the farm its easy accessible for all  ages and it relaxing walking and seeing the grapes. About 3 ha of land planted with different varieties like cabernet ,merlot and an indigenous grape Called pules. The vineyard is settled in the hill and there is a nice view of the lake .