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We offer a warm welcome to all the guests that come to this farmhouse, surrounded by wide open spaces, olive groves and vineyards

The Farmhouse is a wonderful typically Albanian  farmhouse, surrounded by nature in the village, near a town. The house is an old residence where you can experience moments of pure relaxation.

The natural landscape and the friendliness of the staff make this countryside complex an ideal venue for celebrations and holidays.The spectacular views of  Tomorr mountain and the surroundings will make your holidays unforgettable We are Fiska Family running a  small family run business located in the rolling hills of Roshnik, not far from Berat. The village of Roshnik sits about 25 minutes outside of the city of Berat. A landscape of fertile, rolling hills, bursting with olive groves and vineyards, this area is exactly what came to mind when you hear the words “winemaking country”.

The story of our business  started back in 1991 after the fall of Communism. The land that once belonged to the brutal dictator, was partitioned and given back to the people. The Fiska family was given 3.4 hectares of land, some of which was already lush with vineyards. The presence of these vines served as an inspiration to Beqir Fiska the elder of the family who having studied at the Agricultural University of Tirana in the 1970s, wanted to put the land to good use. The decision was taken to create a winery on the land, a move that inspired other farmers in the area to do the same.

By 1995, the winery had started making small quantities of wine and raki made from the grapes that grew on their land. The problem was that Albanian wine wasn’t popular and it was difficult to drum up support from local wine drinkers. During this time, Beqir continued studying and experimenting with the cultivation of different types of grape, in particular, the Pules grape that is native to Albania. This particular grape is an autochthonous grape that grows as a tree vine and has now become one of the most loved and sought after in the region.

The Agro Farm sits on the top of a hill, overlooking acres of farmland below. In the garden of the our  family home grow tomato’s and pomegranates, and you can sit in the shade of a large tree whilst you take in the beauty of your surroundings. The garden can also accommodate wine tours and there are places where groups can sit and enjoy wine and food in the shadow of the mountain beyond. This is a really special place and if you are after a totally authentic winery experience, then this is most definitely it. 


Our family  also own a restaurant just next to the mosque and I must insist that you do not visit without lining your stomach here. Reminiscent of a sort of tree house, we want to  serve up the most fantastic traditional food you can imagine.You can enjoy goat that had been slowly roasted on a spit, with fresh garden salad, potatoes, and a selection of cheeses- all the fruits of the land that surround the village


We offer every service that you will need during your weekend or holidays

Accommodation – Recently we turned our 3 floor villa into a guest house for the guests who are coming and visiting us . Located in a scenic position offer breath taking views of Tomorr National Park and Roshnik Village . From each room you will enjoy the views of nature and the traditional decoration ,a common living room with a fire place and a big outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the views

The restaurant – An authentic restaurant located in the village center close to the Mosque furnished with typical Albanian Style . Everything we serve here is madden here in village ,a big part of the product is from our garden and the others we are buying from our villagers so we can support the local economy

The winery – The winery is also the “ mother “ of our Agro farm as it was the 1st business we had and our family is known all over Berat as an wine making family . We produce 2 types of red wines and an authentic white wine called Pules. 100 % of the grape is grown up in our vineyards . We also produce Raki which is one of the most typical Albanian drinks and it is coming in 2 kind  

All family is working at our farm to take care about our guest and make sure you will have a memorable time in Roshnik


Meet the   Fiska ‘s

Ardit   26 – Studied in Tirana University  . His friends stayed in Tirana but he come back in Roshnik to realize his dreamPlaying the role of General Manager of the properties and make sure you will have the best time ever in Roshnik


Beqir The eldest member of the family ,he start everything in 1990.  – Studied Agronomy in the Tirana University and he is a specialist for wine and vineyards  known all over Berat for His skills

Now day he is retired but still is taking care about the wine process and make sure to produce the best wine of region


Lelem  studied Culinary – He is the father of 2 sons Ardit and Niko . He is the chef of the restaurant working hard with love and passion to preserve the typical traditional food and serve it to you


Petrit – Studied Economy and now day he is an important Chair man in Berat but his love for Roshnik is so strong so he take care about Selling wine and of course Drinking it . He will assist also during your wine tasting


Fredi –  The youngest from the Fiska brothers he spend all his life working in the vineyard and winemaking process . He is responsible for the wines and maintain the farm


Niko  20 years old – He likes to serve and he will be your waiter at the restaurant .